AJ Joins Instagram!
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AJ has joined the world of Instagram!!!!

Click Here And make sure you follow her!

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Criminal Minds Casting News
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CBS announced they were adding the “Party of Five” and “Ghost Whisperer” actress to the line up of their Wednesday night crime procedural

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new job. The I Know What You Did Last Summer actress has landed a role on the crime drama Criminal Minds.

According to CBS, who announced the latest addition to the cast on Tuesday, Hewitt will be a series regular on the long-running show, playing an undercover agent, Kate Callahan, who worked for the FBI before landing a spot with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new special agent by adding the very talented Jennifer Love Hewitt to our amazing cast,” showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer said about the hire in a statement. “Many of us on the show have enjoyed working with her over the years and look forward to again. We have exciting storylines planned for her character and the entire BAU team as we head into our 10th season.”

Though Hewitt is no newbie to television — she starred in The Client List for its brief run on Lifetime, The Ghost Whisperer on CBS from 2005 to 2010 and got her start on Fox’s Party of Five in the ’90s — this will be her first time as a regular cast member on a police procedural. The new season premieres on Oct. 1

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Within Magazine – 60 Seconds Interview
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She has been in the mix with criminals for a good few years now, and after recently celebrating their 200th episode, “Criminal Minds” actress A.J. Cook takes the infamous 60 second rundown for Within Magazine. Read the interview below. 

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Respectful, Protective and Unconditional.

How did you get into acting? 

I started dance when I was 4 and I grew up in a house that encouraged creativity. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been choreographing dance routines or making up plays. Toward the end of highschool, I sort of just made a natural transition into acting. My very first agent worked out of my dance studio. It was a tiny little agency, but I got work. I was very lucky. I haven’t looked back since.

What was the last film you saw that moved you?

American Hustle really did a number on me mainly because of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a beast. There’s nothing she can’t do. She played that character to perfection. The whole cast was incredible. I love characters that are extremely flawed. They’re my favorite to play and after watching this movie, it lit the acting flame inside of me. David O. Russel is my dream director. No one tells a story quite like him.

If you could play any character, past or present? 

I loved the 1996 film Marvin’s Room which was based on the 1990 play by Scott McPherson. It’s filled with wonderfully dysfunctional and flawed characters. I did a piece from this play back in collage and I was the role of Lee. In the movie Lee is played by the brilliant Meryl Streep.

If you weren’t an actress, what career would you have? 

I probably would have opened a tiny dance studio somewhere.

Who do you look up to?

My parents are amazing people. They’re still married and they are best friends. It’s adorable. My father is the calm in the middle of the storm. He has such a quiet strength about him that has always impressed me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak ill of anyone my entire life. They have both been a beautiful example to myself and my siblings.

Favourite childhood memory?

Every summer I would go camping with my Grandparents. They would take all of my siblings and cousins to the lake. Everyday we would fish and ride bikes and hike and every night all the kids would do some kind of production. Whether it be a dance routine, lip syncing to Whitney Houston or doing some horrible play we made up. My grandparents always made us feel like we were stars.

What do you look for in a man?

A good heart and a sense of humor. I’ve witness my hubby on several occasions take the shoes off of his feet and give them to a perfect stranger on the street. He has a heart of gold. He also has a wicked sense of humor. He’s definitely not a saint!

Perfect first date?

I think it’s important to do something physical on a first date. Like going on a hike or a stroll/jog along the beach. That way you can see how the other person moves. I think it’s a little more exciting than sitting at a table eating dinner.

Worst chat up line you have heard? 

You spend a lot of time in your car in L.A. I was driving on the freeway and I noticed that the guy in the car next to me had written a note that he was holding up for me to see. It said “You’re hot. Call me”. His phone number was scribbled on it. I almost called him just so I could find out if that ever actually worked for him!

Today is your last day on Earth, how would you spend it? 

I would spend it on the beach with my beautiful husband and son.

Do you have any bad habits?  

I drive too fast. I spend way too much time driving. It makes me crazy. I just want to get there as fast as possible. I have to really make an effort to slow down. One day I challenged myself to not drive over the speed limit. I have never been flipped off so many times in my life. I actually turned it into a game! Everyone drives over the speed limit here.

Now you’re living in the US, what do you miss about your birthplace, Canada?

I miss my family and friends the most. Canada has really good junk food, too. Chocolate bars and chips. They have dill pickle and ketchup flavored chips. It sounds gross, but it’s so good. I also miss the Canadian kindness. Everyone is just so genuine.

You danced competitively for many years, would you ever take up a role on strictly come dancing? 

I think it’s unfair when someone with a dance background is on the show. The whole point of the show is to see someone improve over a short period of time. That’s what I love about it. You should be able to tell who is the professional and who is the celebrity. I’m no where near the professional level, but I do have that dance background.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I hope to be like a fine wine and just get better with age. Men do it. Why can’t women? I feel like I’m just getting started. I hope to still be doing what I love, but on an even deeper level. I want to create and produce. I hope to have a few of my passion projects on the go for the world to see.

Finally, Criminal Minds has made a great impact here in the UK. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans across the pond?

Thank you so much for your passion! I am the first to admit that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. We love making Criminal Minds and I hope that shows through in our chemistry on screen. Thank you for embracing our little BAU family. Here’s to season 10 and beyond!

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AJ Previews The Finale
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Criminal Minds has put viewers on the edge of our seats again with its season finale. In last week’s part one of two, multiple members of the BAU team were injured in a shootout, and one character is rumored to be leaving the series in tonight’s conclusion, “Demons.” To get the dish on the season-ender, BFTV checked back in with A.J. Cook, who plays agent Jennifer “J.J.” Jareau, after she spoke with us for the season premiere back in September.

While you’re biting your nails waiting to see who survives, A.J. said she too gets nervous when it comes time for the season finale. “Absolutely. At the end of every year, I do,” she told us. “I get super anxious and it’s like ‘What’s going to happen?’ Then as soon as you get that script, you just kind of flip to the end to see who’s going to make it out and who’s not and all that fun stuff. It was pretty mean, that cliffhanger! But that’s how we do it on Criminal Minds.”

“Demons” features a serial killer played by someone we know well: the ever-charming Michael Trucco, our One To Watch In 2014. If you didn’t already know, Michael’s the polar opposite of his character. “He’s lovely. For some reason, I keep thinking he’s Canadian. Maybe it’s because he’s so nice,” A.J. laughed. “He’s like ‘It’s kind of interesting to see him in this role, because he’s not necessarily [playing] a good guy per se. It’s fun.

“And we also have Brett Cullen, who plays Preacher Mills,” she added. “He’s amazing. He’s pretty epic too.”

Season 9 opened with a two-part case, and now it’s closing with a two-parter as well. Does A.J. enjoy shooting two-part stories as opposed to single installments? “I do,” she said. “Especially on a show like ours where it’s quote unquote procedural, I think it’s kind of cool. It definitely keeps the fans on the edge of their seat. And we certainly did that with how we left ‘Angels.’”

Just don’t ask her too many specifics about the episode. “Honestly? I was deathly ill shooting the whole thing,” she revealed. “I don’t remember much…I’ll be watching it and it’ll be new to me too.

“I get to do some cool action stuff. I have some nice interrogation scenes,” she continued. “[J.J.] gets a little fiesty, when people mess with her team and people are threatened that she loves.”

It’s the capper to a big year for the actress, whose character got a whole lot of development this time around. “This was a huge season for J.J.,” reflected A.J. “We got to learn a lot about her, and we’ve seen her kind of grow up and step into the profiler shoes, I guess you could say.

“’200′ was a huge episode for J.J.,” she added, referring to Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode, which aired in February and contained several major flashbacks to what went on with J.J. during her absence from the BAU in season six. “She can be tortured and almost raped and lose a kid. All these horrible things happened to her, which sort of informed who she is now. She’s come a long way and she’s a tough cookie for sure.”

Yet the biggest development would seem to be yet to come. “We’re just turning everything on its head for the season finale,” A.J. said, revealing that “How this one ends is going to directly affect Season 10.”

Unlike her character, A.J. can now enjoy some stress-free downtime. “I’m sitting on my rooftop deck right now just kind of soaking up the sun. My plan is to not do much of anything,” she laughed. “I’m going to do some international press. I get to go to Monte Carlo and London. That’ll be really cool for sure. I get to travel and enjoy life.”

She certainly deserves the break. After all, she added, “It’s been a long season!”

The Criminal Minds ninth-season finale airs tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on CBS. The series has already been renewed for a tenth season. For more on A.J. Cook, be sure you’re following her on Twitter (@ajcookofficial).

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Finale Will ‘Affect Everything’
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Still buzzing about the first part of the Criminal Minds season 9 finale? Well, the wait is almost over, and CBS has released a promo teasing what’s next for the BAU. Plus, I have a couple more teases from series star A.J. Cook from a recent interview.

In the second part of the season finale, “Demons,” the BAU continues its murder investigation in Texas, with clues uncovering a deep web of corruption that could be the motive for the killings. Meanwhile, one team member’s life hangs in the balance, another member faces a sad secret from the past, and Garcia is put right in the middle of the action to save a colleague.

Reid’s not looking good, guys, but he does survive that gunshot wound, at least long enough to get into more danger. Fortunately, while there is someone else pointing a gun at him in the hospital, there is also someone on his side in the room with a gun: Garcia! Meanwhile, it looks like their UnSub is a Sheriff (?!), and he has one order for another officer of the law: “Kill them.” What is with this town?!

Here are a few more teases from my chat with A.J. Cook about the season 9 finale:

On Garcia with a gun and her role in the episode: “Garcia is very similar to JJ in the fact that if you mess with someone she loves, then she is going to fiercely protect that person, so she’s forced to do something she’s never had to do before. It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with that, how her character deals with having to step up into an action role. She’s doing it to protect someone she loves.”

On the promo tease, “You won’t believe which profiler will say goodbye forever”: “Man, does it say that? …Wow. No, I don’t think it’s lying. I don’t know, we’ll have to see. I don’t know. You’ll have to tune in, but the last two minutes, you’re going to be slack-jawed. Yeah, we’re going to be going into season 10… It’s going to affect everything. It’ll affect everything.”

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A.J. Cook on Deep Secrets, Huge Changes & More
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Heading into tonight’s Criminal Minds Season 9 finale, Reid and Morgan have been shot by a vicious pimp masquerading as a caring minister. And it looks as though the unsub got away with the setup.

In anticipation of Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 24, I sat down with A.J. Cook to gauge her reaction to JJ changing roles from media liaison to profiler and also to ask her about the series getting picked up for Season 10.

Read on for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A…


TV Fanatic: I’m the guy from Oshawa who interviewed you some months ago.

A.J. Cook: Yay! Oshawa! My people!

TVF: So, we learned back in March that Criminal Minds is being renewed for Season 10. Congratulations!

Cook: Thanks! It was such great news to hear.

TVFanatic: What can you tell me about the upcoming season?

Cook: *laughs* You know what? I don’t know a thing. I’ve got to make a note to ask someone about what’s happening in the new season.
TVF: Do you know if Esai Morales (who plays Mateo Cruz) is coming back?

Cook: I hope so. He’s got a new show on HBO though, so it’s hard to say. Hopefully he’ll be available for the occasional guest spot.

TVF: What can you tell us about the season finale?

Cook: You know, we left everyone on a cruel cliffhanger, having seen two of our own get shot. And we don’t know what’s happened to them. I went on Twitter and told everyone to “just breathe.” It’ll all come together in the finale.

We’re going to see some intense moves from Garcia, so there’s that to watch for. And we’re going to learn a deep secret from one of our characters. Plus. there is going to be one huge change for one of us.

In this episode, we’ve gone from angels to demons, and we’re up against some major corruption in the town. Not everything is at it seems.

TVF: In addition to the corruption, you’re also dealing with a police force that doesn’t exactly know how to do its job.

Cook: *laughs* Exactly.

TVF: I really like the character of Preacher Mills, played by Brett Cullen…..

Cook: Yeah, it was a lot of fun working with him. He’s pretty great.

TVF: I was thinking about the notion of a violent preacher who’s also a pimp and a drug dealer. I have to imagine that may not have gone down well in some places. Have you gotten much feedback on that?

Cook: No, but there’s no doubt some wouldn’t care too much for that. He’s a great character, though. He was a lot of fun to work with.

TVF: JJ has been going through some major changes. She’s no longer the lower-profile media relations person, but is now front and center as a profiler. How has that been for you?

Cook: I’ve really enjoyed it. JJ is still the motherly type though, looking after her brood. That hasn’t changed. She still cares deeply about everyone she works with. That will never change.

TVF: I noticed on Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 23 that JJ was fierce when firing her gun at Preacher Mills. That seemed to symbolize JJ’s whole transformation.

A.J. Cook: Yeah, that was the mother hen coming out. One of our own had been shot, and she wasn’t going to allow that guy to get away.

TVF: Kind of a Momma Bear.

Cook: Right.

TVF: Have you gotten any negative feedback about the change in JJ?

Cook: I’d say the reactions are about 50/50. There will always be some who just don’t like change, when they see something that works. They like the traditional characters. Others are happy to see what’s happened with JJ.

TVF: I was getting a haircut the other day and mentioned that I do a review for Criminal Minds. The girl who was washing my hair just about went nuts. She watches it all the time, even reruns. She doesn’t have a TV so it’s the one show she watches on her iPad. It’s her favorite show. I actually have heard this a lot. You guys have such a strong fan base.

Cook: We sure do. I’m supposed to go to a few places in Europe over the summer hiatus. Joe and Matt have warned me that they’re pretty excited about the show over there. It’s in syndication pretty much everywhere.

TVF: Kirsten Vangsness mentioned elsewhere that your ensemble cast is more like a family. What’s that like?

Cook: Oh for sure we are absolutely like a family. A bit of a dysfunctional family at times, but we all love each other.

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AJ Talks To Maranda Pleasant
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Maranda Pleasant: What makes you come most alive?

AJ Cook: Mother Nature. I love being outdoors and discovering all that this earth has to offer. From the beach to the mountains, I think it’s very important to “unplug” and become grounded as often as possible.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

AC: We only have one! This is it. This is our home. Treat it with respect, so our children’s children can enjoy all the beauty and resources we do today.

MP: What’s your biggest passion or project right now?

AC: My biggest passion is my family. We are all about living a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s one thing to do it alone, but it’s another to do it together as a family. My passion project is about how to make that a way of life. The family that plays together, stays together!

MP: What is love to you?

AC: Love is not something that can be described by words. Love is something you feel. When you feel it, you know.

MP: How do you keep your center in the middle of chaos?

AC: I surround myself with grounded, level-headed people that keep me in check. It’s also amazing what a couple of deep breaths will do for you.

MP: What makes you vulnerable?

AC: My job makes me incredibly vulnerable. You have to put it all out there. Blood, sweat, and tears.

MP: What are some issues or causes that you are passionate about?

AC: I think that everyone, no matter their economic standing, should have access to healthy, unprocessed, organic food. No children should be putting chemically processed food in their tiny bodies, especially in the school system. The more we demand healthy food, the more accessible and affordable it will become. Supply and demand.

MP: What’s your health routine?

AC: Moderation! I don’t believe in putting restrictions on anything, because the second you tell yourself you can’t have something, that’s all you want. You’re setting yourself up for failure. I eat a balanced diet. If I have a bad day and eat poorly, I just eat more veggies the next day. I’ve come to appreciate the “food/feel” connection. The type of food I eat directly affects how I feel the next day. I don’t have time to feel sluggish and yucky, so I prefer to put cleaner fuel in my body, so it runs more efficiently.

MP: How do you stay healthy and fit?

AC: My boys have a lot of energy, so we like to be really active. We’re outside a lot because we live at the beach, playing in the sand, playing beach volleyball, riding bikes. We also love backpacking and camping. My personal favorite workout is Pilates. It’s a high intensity, cardio infused reformer workout. I love it because it tones you up without bulking you up. Pilates has become my drug! It’s totally changed my body shape. I can’t always get to Pilates every day, but I try to find a way to sweat every day.

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Angels Promo
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AJ Talks About Proactiv
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Canadian actor A.J. Cook of Criminal Minds on her must-have beauty products, best makeup tricks and how she deals with adult acne under Hollywood’s spotlight.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

For me, beauty is something that comes from the inside out. I think that when I feel good, I look good, and that confidence really shines through.

Has being in Hollywood affected your beauty routine?

I feel like as Canadians, we like to look pretty natural and rarely get really done up, which I love. I’ve tried to take that mentality with me to Hollywood along with the concept of “less is more.” Also, now that I live on the beach [South Bay, California], I would kind of look like a crazy person if I showed up with a full face of makeup.

Have you picked up any beauty tips from the makeup artists you’ve worked with?

I think the biggest trick is to get your base right. I’ve learned that blending and really working the makeup into your skin will make it look more natural. I like to use my fingertips because I feel like you don’t get the same effect when you use a brush or a sponge.

I’m really into eyes and have had many makeup artists show me how putting a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes will really make them pop.

Also, I really love lining the inside of my upper and lower lash line. A lot of people do the bottom, but lining the top really makes a big difference. It feels really weird when you’re putting it on, but the look is so natural and has tons of impact.

Who does your hair and makeup for events?

I’m not super-fussy, so most of the time I do my own hair and makeup. Also, I live kinda far in South Bay, so I always feel bad making people trek out to my place—the Canadian in me is always apologizing! That said, when I have a big event or a photo shoot, I call in my team from Celestine Agency, Michael Kanyon and Anthony Merante. They’re a lot of fun, so we end up spending most of the time laughing and gossiping.

What’s it like getting ready for a big event?

There’s always a lot of music involved. When I’m alone, I usually hang out in my bathroom singing along to Beyoncé like a nerd, but when my guys come, we get down to business. If we’re in a pinch for time, they’ll work on me at the same time, but otherwise we’ll do hair, then makeup. The whole process is pretty quick. I get bored if I have to sit for too long and because I like more of a natural look, it never usually takes more than an hour.

What’s your day-to-day makeup routine?

Oh man, these days I’m usually running around trying to get my son ready for school with my hair up in a ponytail and zit cream on my face! Otherwise, I’m a sunscreen, mascara and blush kind of girl. Because I live by the beach and the vibe is really laid-back, I feel like it would be weird to make more effort than I do.

What’s in your beauty bag?

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blushes: They’re not overpowering and look really natural.

Dior Diorshow Mascara: It’s my favourite mascara.

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palettes: The colour combos are so pretty and have good staying power.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation: This is my go-to, even for events, because it’s just really natural-looking. It’s got an SPF 30 and is great for evening out your skin tone.

Benefit Dallas: This is really good for contouring and warms up the colour of my skin.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: I put it on my lips or anywhere that is dry or chapped.

Colorescience: This is a really great mineral makeup that has a powder SPF good for 80 minutes. I put this on if I’m going out for a run or if I will be outside all day. Because it’s made of minerals, it doesn’t clog your pores.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler: I have big eyes and this is the only curler that actually fits all of my lashes.

Do you have a signature scent?

I’ve never really been into perfumes because I have bad allergies, so strong smells tend to bother me. My husband wears Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and I’ve been known to spray that on once in a while because it’s such a light scent and has that “barely there” quality to it.

Can you tell us about working with Proactiv and your struggle with acne?

I was in high school when I first started to break out. I consider myself a “Proactiv pioneer” because the product was just launching in Canada and I swear, I was one of the first people to call in and use it. It really helped my skin when I was a teenager, so when they came out with Proactiv+, it was a perfect way to deal with my adult acne.

The new formula is more luxurious and has extra moisturizers that help with the signs of aging. I thought I would be worrying more about fine lines than zits at my age, but at least this line works for both.

Which are your favourite Proactiv products?

I really like the Proactiv+ Pore Targeting Treatment, which is a serum that cleans your pores without drying your skin. I try to use this multiple times during the day, if possible! I’m also a fan of the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, which comes in a pot—like those expensive creams you get at department stores—and has a really creamy texture that moisturizes without clogging your pores.

What’s your daily skincare regimen?

With my job, I have to put on a lot of makeup each day, which feels like it’s cooking into my skin under the hot lights. I’m a big fan of exfoliating to get down deep into my pores, and then following up with a good moisturizing lotion. I also never leave the house without sunscreen on. I try to stick with products that won’t clog my pores.

Do you have any other favourite skin products?

On set, they use Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation on my face, which is a light, whipped makeup that helps cover up fine lines.

Murad makes a light lotion that has an SPF that is perfect for when I’m running around town. I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone because it’s moisturizing and protects my skin against the sun.

Have you ever had any total beauty disasters?

I feel like bangs always seem like a good idea until you get them. I’ve had them a few times and I feel like they’re really awesome for a few months, and then you’re over them and get stuck with that awkward growing-out stage.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

We’re in our ninth season of Criminal Minds right now, so I’m pretty busy with that. We just had our 200th episode, which was huge for my character, so it’s been a real whirlwind. [Spoiler alert: We finally find out what happened when JJ was working with the State Department!] Otherwise, I’ve just been working hard on my collaboration with Proactiv.


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Criminal Minds Picked Up For 10th Season
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The 18 series renewed today comprise 15.5 hours of CBS’s weekly primetime schedule and include nine dramas, five comedies, two reality series and two news programs.

The nine dramas picked up are: NCIS, television’s #1 drama/scripted program for the fifth consecutive year; NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the #2 drama for the fourth straight year; time-period winners Person Of Interest, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods; as well as Criminal Minds, Elementary and the acclaimed drama THE Good Wife.

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